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Welcome to the World of Azrath! A Neverwinter nights 2 server built and created for fun, exciting and enjoyable game play! This server is strictly role-playing, if you do come to enjoy this server we ask of you to know what role play is, what OOC (out of character) means, and to have a basic understanding of the world about it.

Gods of Azrath

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Map of Azrath


  • Recent Updates: July 25, 2009
    • We are updated and running on auto-downloader (Patch 1.23)! Remember to post any bugs on our forum which you can find a link to on the right. Check out our movie on you tube key word "azrath movie" and our NWVault advertisement!
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Purpose & Mission of this Wiki

The mission of this Wiki is to organize and solidify the lore of the custom made world, "Azrath," in a presentable, easy, and yet fulfilling manner. We hope that through doing so, both players and DMs alike will be able to fashion characters and stories to complete this world. For what is a world without the beings that inhabit it?

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To get the full role play benefits please be sure to see our forums..besides RULES! There are helpful hints to get started, ways you can help Azrath grow and helpful hints to help you start your adventure!

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Questions and Suggestions

If you have any personal questions, concerns, or suggestions for the module, please contact the email address below! Thank you!