OOC Edit

1. No rape RP ever.

2. All RP in public must be PG13

3. Torture is allowed if it's IC for good reason but, you must have OOC consent to do so, OOC consent for any permanent scars or body part removal (like a finger) and the tortured has the right to bow out if they become uncomfortable at any time.

4. Any explicit RP must done in private between consenting adults.

5. Do not speak poorly to our hardworking staff while complaints, questions, and suggestions are welcome remember these people work for free treat them with respect.

6. No dropping of gold and gear via another player or else wise between two of your PC's.

7. Don't sell gear for ridiculously low prices because they are a ooc pal

8. No silly OOC teaming general humans would not run about with ogres for example. If you and your pal wish to play together make a comparable pair!

Class Rules Edit

Limit of three Classes

2 Main Classes

Only 1 Prestige Class

No Scythe Weapon Masters

At least 5 levels of all your classes by 30th


Clerics: All clerics must have domains with accordance to their gods no exceptions

Character Creation Rules Edit

1. No Child PC's

2. No Races that are not NWN2 Standard or one of our Custom Races

3. This is not a place to explore current social events the setting is somewhat medieval please play accordingly.

4. Please stay within alignment don't be killing fuzzy bunnies when your Good!

PvP Rules Edit

1. No Greifing

2. Any PvP must be IC no OOC motives

3. If you initiate PvP (ie attack another player) you really have very little right to complain about it OOC so please don't.

4. PvP Aftermath RP..if your fool enough to attack a player undisguised and they rp remembering you don't be angry if the guards come after you..If you were wearing a disguise please send your target a tell you are along with a proper bluff roll before intiating.