Historical Timeline Edit

BC: Before Cataclysm

AC: After Cataclysm

The King of the Gods is murdered by several of the evil gods lustful of his power. Thus starting the God Wars. 50 BC
The gods of evil begin to lose to the combined might of the gods of good and neutrality. 40 BC
The evil gods plot to weaken their adversaries by destroying their worshipers and begin to send their followers visions to head deep below ground. 15 BC
There is a split in the elven council and some listen to their evil gods and head below ground claiming of a great and horrible event to come. This starts two separate and distinct races, the evil drow, the good and neutral elves. 5 BC
The comet sent from the heavens is spotted by a elven astronomer named Cylandal Tar'sisas. He warns the remnants of the council of impending Doom. The council for fear of widespread panic do not inform the other races. 3 Months BC
The elves send one ship into the ocean in each of the 4 directions. 1 Month BC
The world is nearly destroyed by a comet of giant proportions most of the population dies save for small populations living in the high mountains.The impact causes massive waves and heats the atmosphere to the point that the ice caps melt flooding the world. 0 Hour
Weakened by their sudden loss of followers the gods of good and neutrality are destroyed. One by one prayers go unanswered and clerical powers fail. 5 Months AC
The gods of evil war among themselves ignoring their followers who struggle and become lost as all their exits are sealed below the earth. 1 AC
One elven ship returns all others are presumed dead they found the city of Eagle's Eyrie on Sylvan Ilse and struggle to rebuild. 2 AC
In one of the bloodiest wars the heavens have ever know the gods of evil destroy themselves. Led by Asalon the deity of nobility, the lesser deities step in and assume the duties once held by greater gods. 5 AC
The lesser gods form a pact to never have a gods war again. A council of gods is formed and every solar year the gods of each alignment, good, evil, and neutral, draw stones. Whomever of each group draws the dark stone serves on the council. This council begins filing the roles left empty by the gods war. 6 AC
Cylandal Tar'sisas soul is ascended he becomes the first mortal ascension, the god of time and mortality. 6.5 AC
Clerics of the minor deities rise in importance as it seems their prayers are heard. 7 AC
All the races struggle in the barren lands left by the impact for several hundred years...their evil counterparts struggle below 10 AC
Nomadic groups settle and found the village of Verdant Falls On Eon Ilse. The Gnomes found a city on Tinkerton Ilse 300 AC
Verdant falls has grown into a city and opens trade with Tinkerton 400 AC
A young and brutal self proclaimed warlord.."Lord Vladel" rises to power with brute force and charisma in Verdant Falls. 415 AC
In a vicious campaign Vladel not only rules over Verdant Falls but has renamed the city to "Crimson Falls" any opposition is beheaded at the top of the falls, most days the river runs red through the city. Believing Humans are the dominant race he conquers Tinkerton making slaves of the gnomes as well as all the halflings that lived in peace on Eon. Elves and ogres are still unknown to those of Eon 430 AC
Giustizia Edel a young warrior starts a grass roots movement against Lord Vladel. He's a handsome and charismatic young man and soon has a small following including nine very dedicated men he deems "knights". 445 AC
Giustizia marries a beautiful young woman named Desiree. His knights and him start earning the love and respect of the common folk by doing everything from running off Vladel's tax collectors, raiding the debtors prison, and even just helping a elderly farmer get in his harvest. 446 AC
Desiree tires of the life of a outlaws wife she begins to secretly sneak into Crimson Falls and finally finds Lord Vladel. Up till now Vladel had not taken a wife too busy ruling the lands with a iron fist. Desiree spends the next 6 months seducing Vladel until he can think nothing but of her. Desiree however is another mans wife and she cannot be queen without marriage so she offers to lead Giustizia into a trap. 447 AC
Giustizia is beheaded at the top of the falls. His martyrs death outrages and inspires the peasants and they finally revolt lead by the remaining followers of Giustizia whom the peasants deem "knights of the nine". Giustizia is chosen to ascend by the council of gods. Desiree marries Vladel in the midst of him fending off a peasant revolt. 448 AC
Under the onslaught of the knights of the nine, human peasants, halflings and gnomes tired of slavery and second class citizenship Vladel is forced to flee with Desiree. Out of 10 ships only his flag ship survives the great whirlpool in the oceans center. Making him the first person ever to cross it and possibly the last. They found a new nation of Ansi. Giustizia's second in command is declared king. 449 AC
King Roland is a fair and kind ruler Verdant Falls flourishes under his rule. 450 AC
Tired of Vladel, Desiree poisons him in his sleep. Vladel ascends to godhood. 475 AC
King Roland's son Gavin a spoiled and bratty boy is crowned King. The first small elven ship makes its way to Eon. About the same time Vladel and Desiree's son, a twisted young man, murders his Queen Mother and takes possession of the throne along with his young wife a woman with flaming red hair. 500 AC
Desiree ascends. 501 AC
Elves promise peace and open trade with the other races and several elven merchants move into Verdantfalls. 510 AC
PRESENT DAY in VerdantfallsElves Trade freely, Gavin has passed on leaving his son Roland II in charge, rumors abound that Roland II let's many things his grandfather never would allow to happen. The docks become seedier and seedier. While no one will admit in the open rumor speaks of a newly formed theives guild with ties to the throne. Strange creatures sometimes wander into the outskirts only to be shot at and flee. Odd elves with dark skin and white hair have started to be seen in the city. Most including other elves accept them as long lost elvish cousins.The Rest is now up to our players!..what you do significant in the world will be added here! --- AC