Once the city of Crimsonfalls, Verdantfalls sits on the southern end of the largest and most varied island of Eon. In recent years it has become the center of trade between all of the races, humans, halflings, gnomes, dwarves, and elves. Considered to be Lawful Neutral as of late, it's citizens are the most varied of the Ilse's. Verdantfalls is ruled by a descendant of one of the knights of the nine and though he tries to keep things neat, tidy and lawful the docks have become increasingly seedy with most of it centered around a low class whore house known as "The Wilted Flower". Rumors of people disappearing and perhaps even a thieves guild are whispered among the commoners. The city itself is surrounded by water on three sides with a rich river delta to it's north producing more than enough food for the city.

Most players will start here, unless specified with an administrator.


Structure of Government:

Type of Leadership:



Laws of Verdantfalls:

  1. Thou shall not murder for any reason other then in defense of ones self, their possessions, family, or household.
  2. Weapons will remained sheathed and peace knotted by all within the gates of Verdantfalls unless they are a member of the City Guard.
  3. No wild animals within the city limits!
  4. The buying, selling, or owning of slaves if forbidden within Verdantfalls.
    1. As such any and all slaves brought into the City limits will be regarded as free persons.
  5. Taking another beings property is theft and will be dealt with as such.
  6. Public drunkenness is highly discouraged.
  7. Thou shalt not force another intelligent being to do your will either by magic, or brute strength. Summons that willfully answer the call are excluded.
  8. Binding or removing a being by force other then under due measures by those authorized by law (the guards) is forbidden. Unless of course the measures can be proven to be reasons of ones defense.
  9. One must wear clothing and be properly covered within the city limits.
  10. Casting of harmful spells upon another or any spells without the targeted beings permission is considered a attack upon the person and will be dealt with as such.




Honorific Deity(s)

Royal Lineage